Meet Dr. Ozanne

Dr. Tanner Ozanne received his undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from Augustana College. He completed his doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan University, while at the same time earning his Master’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.


About 605 Sport & Spine

“What’s up with the 605?”

Dr. Ozanne and his wife are natives of South Dakota with only one area code, 605. We like to think we are bringing a little bit of South Dakota to Wisconsin.

“Why is it located with an optical?”

Ashley, Dr. Ozanne’s wife, is an optometrist and with four kids and a strong family mentality, it only made sense for us both to be together in the same location.

Dr. Ozanne has a particular interest in working with athletes of all levels, from the weekend warrior to the Olympiad.

He believes every athlete should have the opportunity to perform at their peak levels. With Dr. Ozanne’s combined knowledge in chiropractic care, athletic training, and sports rehabilitation, he is ready to help athletes of any skill level perform at their peak and/or help them overcome injuries they may have sustained.

Since graduating from Logan University, Dr. Ozanne has completed multiple post-graduate training and is now a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and International Certificate in Sports Chiropractor.

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